About Me

About Me

                                Welcome to Travel With Jha

"Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." – Miriam Beard

Who Am I?

Hey guys, my name is Avinash Jha, a normal Indian guy who like to travel. I'm a travel blogger and this blog belongs to me. I can also click good photographs but I am not a photographer.

Is that the boring intro I have ever written about me? I think so.

This photo here shows me on a happier day. It was taken by one of my friend when we are in Jaisalmer.

This is one of my favourite image: Me with my family. This place reminds me some of beautiful moments enjoyed by me with my family.
Rohtang Pass

Where the picture was taken you ask? It's in the beautiful Manali.

I'm sorry. What was this about? Oh you actually really wanted to know something about me? Let me think... I love to sleep.

OK. I have a confession to make:
I don't feel too comfortable writing about myself.
To get some inspiration, I checked the About Me pages of other travel bloggers. A lot of them mention that they love travelling. Really? Didn't think so.

I love to travel, eat different foods from various cuisines, experience different cultures, make new friends and meet other travellers.

I grew up in a protective Indian Family in Darbhanga, a small town in North Bihar and spent my childhood there. Upon finishing high school, I came to Delhi to study, with big dreams. I graduated in the middle of the financial year of 2015. I will complete my Post Graduation this year. I was the intelligent and smart kid in school. Just kidding!
I hate books but now I can read some interesting novels. Thanks to Sneha.

What I want to Do?


I want to go on world tour so that I come to know about different types of people, their tradition, historical places and different types of lifestyles which is leading reason of my eagerness about the world. Natural beauty attracts me towards itself at every stead. I wish to visit Europe atleast once.
Alright, I give up for now, will work on a better About Me page next time, promise. And the rest of the story?

Note: I'm sure I made a ton of typos and grammar mistakes. Blogging in English is difficult for me, as a non-native English speaker. Extremely difficult! It's a nightmare sometimes, because often I feel I can't express myself the way I want to. Anyway, feel free to correct me. Or just make fun of me.
If you like my blog, please tell all your friends about it. It's totally OK to stalk me. If you love to travel you should check this blog.

Contact Me

Want to get in touch with me? Here's how:
You can email me at jhaavinash72@gmail.com
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If you hate my blog, its fine either, just keep that for yourself then :)